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The history spans over 25 years and was the result of an occupational therapist being upset that people with dementia were ignored and abandoned. Angela Newton realised that by playing a game, the patients would feel less threatened and would happily open up and talk about themselves. She designed a board game, which was further developed with her sister, Laura Templeton, a graphic designer with experience in healthcare and game design.

Gill Livingston, Professor of Psychiatry of older people at University College London, saw the potential and worked with them developing and trialling the game in a number of care homes. Together with her team, they needed to prove it was capable of helping staff connect with residents.

By enabling people with dementia to express their feeling, voice their preferences and feel that their opinions matter, this game has proven to be a great communication tool.

Call-to-Mind has played a major part in the UCL’s project, Managing Agitation and Raising QUality of lifE in dementia (MARQUE). This is a research study led by Professor Gill Livingston that aims to increase knowledge about dementia, agitation and personhood. During trials the staff play the game amongst themselves and then with the residents. Despite initial reservations, this has proved to be very successful in creating a ‘family atmosphere’ in the home rather that one of ‘them and us’.

The Story

Laura & Angela at the launch of call-to-Mind,
Scottish Dementia Congress in Edinburgh

The Story

Gill Livingston
Professor of Psychiatry of Older People