Researched at UCL

Used in NHS hospitals

Approved by Activity Organisers

Tested and approved by the Alzheimer’s Society

Brilliant idea from conception to production… You can be 1-100+ we all enjoy a game. For me at 51, I relived past times even I had forgotten. It even triggered a poem from Dad from his youth… I went home played it and cried! Thank you for your foresight!

Wendy Braid

Daughter of dad with Subdural Haematoma

I think the concept if very good; its simple enough for anyone to join in (even if the resident can’t read the card someone else can do so) and I have discovered some interesting facts today about the two residents even though we only played for a short time!


Activity co-ordinator, Mount Ephriam House

Lots of laughter was had by all, and it was a lovely way to while away an afternoon over a nice cuppa. Owing to its popularity and client feedback, ‘Call to mind’ will definitely be a regularly played board game at Safe Haven from now on.

Fabio Delpoio

Safe Haven Dementia Centre

I bought the game and tried it out on my mother in New York who suffers from dementia…it was a big success…she played over an hour with me and her 10-year old grandson. Stories came out I never heard before.

Philip Meir

London, UK

Helps us as Activity Co-ordinators to have a better understanding of the residents’ lifeskills & interests –what they are passionate about and what they hate! Good fun that exercises many senses, hand, eye, speech & memory. Can tone up or down according to residents’ needs. After the game, residents talk about it and we can use the knowledge to talk to them about their interests.

Angela Dawson

Activities Co-ordinator, Abbey Ravenscroft Park Nursing Home

We are enjoying it and it is proving really useful as a distraction at moments of crisis and as a way of getting worthwhile conversation going.

Tom Corfield

Derby, UK

Very impressed … extremely suitable for the clients we see on a daily basis

As 1 in 3 of the population will suffer from a form of dementia in the near future, I can see every household benefitting from a game of Call to Mind…

Mr Tom Hulton

West Port Manager, Mental Health for Older Adult Services, Hawick

Yesterday we had our weekly visit from local school children (nine year olds) and we played ‘Call to mind’ which engaged them and the residents totally!  

Marilyn Bridger

Activities Coordinator, Greensleeves Homes Trust