Wall of Recall 1966 News & Events Poster

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Illustrating News and events in 1966. Turning point of the decade when life was getting better and better.

The ‘Wall of Recall’ is 7 individual panels depicting different aspects of British ‘Life’ in 1966.
Posters are available in 3 formats.
1. Unframed – sent rolled in a cardboard tube
2. Framed – sent flat in a cardboard box
3. Self-adhesive – can be repositioned time and time again, without damage to the wall surface sent in a cardboard tube



The ‘Wall of Recall’ is made up of 7 individual panels, each representing different aspects of British ‘Life’ in 1966.
They are a ‘nostalgia trigger’ that opens up memories and stimulates conversation.
• Fantastic source of images that brings life and colour to any room, corridor or garden.
• Buy individually or as a set – make people smile!

• Self-adhesive matt vinyl can be taken off and re-used again and again with no damage to walls. 

1966 was a seminal year in British history. England won the World Cup in football. Things had been getting better and better financially and everyone expected life to continue on in that direction. However it was something of a watershed politically and for the arts. This poster is a wonderful reminder to all who lived through that year, and an education to those who came later.

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