Call to Mind – Dementia Board Game

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  • Researched at University College London
  • Tested and approved by the Alzheimer’s Society
  • Combats boredom & agitation
  • Helps make conversation easy and natural
  • Non-threatening but stimulating
  • Easily tailored to a person’s abilities
  • Used by different generations including children
  • Findings can be recorded in the care plan
  • Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards


• Call to Mind is a unique, fully researched dementia board game
• Gives people with dementia a voice
• Improves understanding and communication between all generations

Playing the Call To Mind dementia board game helps people with dementia express their feelings, say what they might like to do, and engage with the people trying to help them. It helps people to talk and share experiences. It stimulates recall, positive personal memories, inspiring conversations and making it easier for them to enjoy quality time with family, friends and carers across all generations. As well as stimulating the mind, playing the game also exercises the senses, hand movement and speech.

Carers and family often struggle to find things to talk about when someone has dementia. The person with dementia sometimes lacks confidence and worries about making a mistake, repeating or saying the wrong thing. The carer can feel insecure and so shy away from having a conversation, thinking is best not to try.

This is not at all helpful as talking to each other creates bonds. Playing the Call to Mind board game helps build relationships and understanding. It boosts morale and self-esteem, as players show genuine interest in the person’s opinions and experiences. They make the person with dementia feel cared for and loved.

It was conceived by Angela Newton, an occupational therapist specialising in elderly care and designed by her sister Laura Templeton. It was trialled and researched over a number of years at University College London, by Gill Livingston, Professor of Psychiatry of Older People. It is also part of a major five- year government funded study as an example of a tool to improve agitation and boredom in care homes. Call To Mind is tested and approved by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Best used in the early-to-mid stages of dementia, or when somebody has mild cognitive impairment, the Call to Mind dementia board game is extremely easy to play. Simply spin the spinner and choose one of four colour coded cards, matching an image and answering a question. Two to four players can easily sit round the board together and it is not necessary for the full game to be played in order to enjoy or benefit from it. The question cards, alone, can be used to stimulate conversations across a range of topics and so make communication easier. Often, questions are about things that an older person might not have discussed for a while, such as a holiday they particularly enjoyed or where they grew up. This can prompt distinct memories.

Note: Feedback sheets are included on which information can be recorded. These are colour coded and designed to fit into a care plan folder for all carers to access. You can download additional feedback sheets here.

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Brilliant idea from conception to production… You can be 1-100+ we all enjoy a game. For me at 51, I relived past times even I had forgotten. It even triggered a poem from Dad from his youth… I went home played it and cried! Thank you for your foresight! - Wendy Braid
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I think the concept if very good; its simple enough for anyone to join in (even if the resident can’t read the card someone else can do so) and I have discovered some interesting facts today about the two residents even though we only played for a short time! - Marilyn
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