Call To Mind T3 Table Tennis Game

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The NEW Call to Mind T3 table tennis game brings together the World's first Dementia Board game with Table Tennis – the World's Number One Brain Sport.

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Our new Call to Mind T3 table tennis game brings together the World’s first Dementia Board game with Table Tennis – the World’s Number One Brain Sport.

Two-in-One stimulating games to improve the lives of those with dementia.

Key benefits

• Unique, fully researched dementia board game
• Table tennis for 6 players – sitting or standing
• Stimulating activities for both the body and the brain

Based on our original Call to Mind board game, we bring you the new Call to Mind T3 Table Tennis Game. Playing the Call-to-Mind dementia board game helps people with dementia express their feelings, say what they might like to do, and engage with the people trying to help them. It helps people to talk and share experiences. It stimulates recall, positive personal memories, inspiring conversations and making it easier for them to enjoy quality time with family, friends and carers across all generations.

T3 Table Tennis is also a great social activity, especially as the table is round and allows six players to play at once. Table Tennis is great stimulation as playing it, activates up to five areas of the brain. T3 Table Tennis has been trialed using both structured and free play. All those involved found it a stimulating, enjoyable experience filled with fun and laughter. People with varying physical limitations were able to play together and all improved their skills over a period of time. They were able to enjoy each other’s company and banter and looked forward to the next session.

There are a number of advantages playing on this round table rather than a conventional table tennis table.

• More players means it is more sociable
• It can be played either standing or sitting, even using a wheelchair
• The smaller size means it is easier to find a suitable space.

T3 Table Tennis, like Call-to-Mind is a social activity that can be enjoyed by everyone from about six years old. It can be played by people of any ability and both can be adapted to suit those with more advanced difficulties, due to physical problems or dementia. Both these games stimulate memories and make the players feel part of the community of family friends and carers.

The Call to Mind T3 table tennis game table top and solid net folds in two halves, and the eight legs unscrew for easy storage.

Set includes:

T3one70 Table Tennis Table (1700mm diameter)
Six table tennis bats
Bucket of 90 Orange balls
Large Call-to-Mind Game
Round white tablecloth.

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