Dementia Wall Activities

Visual stimulation is very important in encouraging conversation and engagement, especially in people living with dementia. Dementia Wall Activities series of artworks was created to provide easily recognised and enjoyable images of the 1960s.
They are colourful, interesting and cover different aspects of life, so there is always something to stimulate conversation, no matter what a person’s tastes and preferences are. The topics covered are: News & Events; Pop Music; Sport; Films & TV, and Fashion.
The sixties was chosen because it was such an amazing period of transformation, growth and the birth of exciting new ideas and products. Because it was such a memorable time, the images appeal to a very wide age range. This means that they are known and recognised by most people, including carers, families and friends. They will all find something in the images that stimulates conversation.

Agitation, boredom and loneliness can be a constant problem in the elderly and especially those with dementia. This is why it is vital that we keep talking and engaging. Finding a relevant topic of conversation that takes a person out of their daily essential routines of eating, sleeping and personal care can be difficult. These banners and posters can do just that. There is always something of interest that sparks a thought and a memory from the hundreds of images.

The images come in either a pull-up Banner or as an A1 Poster.
The banners are light and easy to store and come in their own carry case. When expanded, they are each 850mm wide and 2000mm tall. They are ideal to transform a shared space quickly and easily, and when put together, they form a ‘Wall of Recall’. They can also be erected permanently, creating an ever-interesting area that will transform a room, and provide a constant stimulus to conversation.

The large Posters measure 594 x 841 mm, and come either framed or unframed. As with the banners, can be ordered separately or as a set. So why not brighten up a space, transform a room and bring a smile to someone as they remember this exciting time?

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