We finally made it! The launch at the Scottish Caring and Dementia Congress went amazingly well. I can’t believe how impressed everyone was with the product. It was a great opportunity for Angela and I to get this positive feedback and praise from a wide range of participants.

We had fizz and wine at lunch time, but hardly anyone would drink it – and these were mainly Scots! I was then reminded about the new drinking limits that are so low that most take it as zero tolerance, so wouldn’t risk even a small tot. Luckily most stopped by our stand for a look and it wasn’t just because we had free alcohol.

It was a great relief to start selling and know that everything works, even if I was a bit slow logging bankcard details. I promise I’ll get faster at it!

I managed to listen to some of the excellent talks and as usual, I was most impressed by the words from those who are diagnosed with dementia. Tommy Dunne who I follow on Twitter says on the intro of his page, “Living with dementia (Alzheimers) not suffering with it. I may not have enough time left to see a world without Dementia but I hope to see one that accepts it”. His sense of Liverpudlian humour is very refreshing and grounding. He suggested that if there is only one thing you can do to help someone with dementia, you must give them a drink of water to reduce the risk of urine infections. Having that plus dementia is too scary! He also talked about importance of going into schools and letting teenagers see that people with dementia can live well. He has talked to the transport organisations in Liverpool to advise them on making the trains and busses dementia friendly.

One of the repeated themes was “Nothing about us, without us”. I think this is really important and luckily is managing to be a growing trend. At least we are now going in the right direction.