Call-to-Mind is proving to be very popular, and I know that Table Tennis is the ‘Number 1 Brain Sport’.
So, why not combine these activities on a bigger table and let more people play? The result is the Dual purpose BAT,CTM,T3 Table, though must think of a snappier name!
We visited three venues during Dementia Awareness Week showing off this new product, with great success.

The last venue was the Michael Flanders Centre in Ealing where they had a big event and invited the Mayor and Deputy Mayor along to join in the fun.
The larger Call-to-Mind means that more people can join in – we had eight guests and three members of staff play.
It was agreed by all that the interaction between guests was better than ever before, with even the very shy happy to join in the play and conversations

After this and a refreshing cup of tea, the Call-to-Mind game came off the table leaving the T3 Table Tennis Table ready for action.This special circular table allowsDementia Game with Table Tennis for players to stand or sit during play, which makes it ideal for wheelchair users or anyone who is unsteady on their feet. The game can be played quite freely as in this little video, or play can be planned and supervised with a specially trained coach. This table has undergone a series of trials in care homes with residents with dementia, even in fairly advanced stages. The results are amazing, showing great improvement in general demeanour, increased communication and all were looking forward to the next game.